Rescued Puppy So Thankful for Another Shot at Life That He Hurts Himself Wagging His Tail!

"The second I got to animal control and I saw his face and looked into his eyes, I couldn't help but tear up," shared Ellman. "Seeing that tiny boy in such bad condition breaks my heart."


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People who save dogs, particularly dogs discovered in the situation like XO had been in when he was saved, genuinely understand what real appreciation is. There are generally only a few things on this planet that happen to be as wonderful. Little XO was so thrilled to finally be rescued that he unintentionally wounded himself by wagging his tail too vigorously!

When you see XO at the moment when he was rescued, it’s hard to tell whether he actually is a dog. He was approximately 1-year-old, and was not just covered in demodectic mange, but also had a secondary skin disease. He seemed to be only 15 pounds, way beneath the healthy weight for his age and breed.


Without a doubt, XO was in seriously dreadful shape. Even so, his heart and soul was never broken. Despite quite possibly being at the mercy of the worst of mankind, this dog still adored people. He enjoyed playing and just wanted to give every bit of love he had in him to whoever would want it. Seemingly, physically hurting this dog didn’t hurt him on an emotional level, the way it would numerous others.

In addition to the many other problems XO had going on otherwise, he also had a severe case of “happy tail,” as reported by his rescuers. “Happy tail” describes a dog that is so happy to have been rescued, that his or her tail wags continuously. It never appears to stop with XO either! Every time any person in the shelter came close to him, his tail would start wagging and it just wouldn’t stop! He had been wagging it so hard, and his poor skin was in such a bad state, that he started bleeding!

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“Although he has been through it all in such a short amount of time, that doesn’t get him down,” shared Alyssa Ellman of Second Chance Rescue NYC. “He is truly so outgoing and loves to follow you around, wag his tail and take treats from you.”

Ellman was approached to determine if she could secure a foster home for XO. She came up and got him, and from the very first moment they met, she understood it wasn’t going to be too hard to find this lovely little pup his furever family


“The second I got to animal control and I saw his face and looked into his eyes, I couldn’t help but tear up,” shared Ellman. “Seeing that tiny boy in such bad condition breaks my heart.”

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In case you wanted to know, it was Ellman who named him XO. She decided to go with this because it’s not unusual to see a greeting card or a note to anyone you love signed with “XO,” which means hugs and kisses. And XO really LOVES to offer hugs and kisses! He’s doing a lot better these days. He’s with a foster mom, has picked up around ten more pounds, and while it may still be slow progress on his skin ailments, those are healing properly now.


“He hangs in her office all day with her, gets his daily bath, eats, goes outside and sleeps on his HUGE bed,” shared Ellman. “He is in heaven and I feel so lucky to be a part of his rescue.”

If you can, please consider donating to Second Chance Rescue NYC so they can keep rescuing dogs like XO. For more information please visit them here.