Heartwarming: Puppy holds his friend close after they were both taken in by nuns

A group of good hearted Buddhist nuns had taken in this pair of cute puppers when they were discovered wandering around the area.


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Photos displaying a puppy holding his smaller friend close to him when they were taken in by nuns went viral on the Chinese internet after they surfaced online and melted the internet’s hearts.

Shanghaiist related in an article that the lovely selection of photos that went viral on the Chinese internet showed a little brown dog holding an even smaller black puppy in his tiny arms, as if protecting him with all his might.

A group of goodhearted Buddhist nuns had taken in the adorable puppers when they were discovered wandering the area. The general area of the temple had not been revealed, nor where the nuns found the puppies.

Internet users on Weibo were completely moved by the two sweet puppies, bursting out at the irresponsible people who had left these puppies behind on the street.

“How can people be so cruel? They shouldn’t have bought the dogs in the first place if they weren’t able to take good care of them!” a Weibo user shared.

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Some others noticed the sadness in the puppies’ eyes, saying, “Oh, poor puppies! Look at their sad eyes, they must have been suffering a lot on the street!”

“I’m afraid that the dogs will starve to death since we all know that nuns don’t eat meat! What else can they feed the dogs then?” another Weibo user asked.

This isn’t actually the first time “hugging” pups went viral on the web.

An article in the past tells how a photo of two dogs “hugging” one another went viral when it was posted with a caption asking online users to donate for them to be saved from being taken down to a shelter.

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The puppies, who had been named Kala and Keira, were said to be at Etowah County Humane Society at the time when they were photographed.

The effectiveness of social media was once again confirmed, as after only two hours and six minutes, the two were adopted by a vet who would like to remain anonymous.