Puppies found with hair ties wrapped around mouth were so happy to see rescuers

Two 7 month old puppies were rescued by maintenance workers who found them living in atrocious conditions. The puppies had been cruelly shackled around their noses with rubber bands, to prevent them from crying out for help. The terrified puppies were happy to see their rescuers, even though they were very afraid.

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Discovery of the constrained puppies

On a housing facility in Witchita, Kansas, a maintenance guy found more than he expected to, when investigating a burst water pipe. On opening the door to the apartment, the first thing that hit him was the obnoxious smell. It was then that he spotted the plastic dog crate containing two terrified, distressed puppies. He thought it was odd that they weren’t too happy to meet their rescuer. Then he spotted the urine and faeces in the dog crate, and their dire living conditions.

Puppies happy to see rescuers
Puppies found with hair ties wrapped around their mouth ©Facebook Wichita.animal.Action.league

Puppies in distress

The maintenance worker thought it was strange that the puppies weren’t crying out. He shone a torch into their cage, and noticed that the 2 pups couldn’t open their mouths. Not only were their noses red and swollen, their muzzles were bound with something. As he didn’t want to leave the pups, he rang a friend, who is associated with the Wichita Animal Action League. This call to action, soon had Sarah Coffman, the League’s Executive Director, and 2 other animal control officers heading to the building. The concerned rescuers quickly took action. They picked up the distressed pups, rushing them to the nearest Vet.

Two rescued puppies with hair ties wrapped arount their mouth
Puppies found with hair ties wrapped around their mouth ©Facebook Wichita.animal.Action.league
removing hair ties wrapped around the puppies mouths
Removing the hair ties wrapped around their mouth ©Facebook Wichita.animal.Action.league

Abhorrent treatment of the dogs

Initially, it was thought that the dog’s muzzles had been bound shut with wire as it was very tight. However, upon further investigation at the Vet’s surgery, they discovered small rubber bands that are used to tie hair into braids, had been used to keep the dogs quiet. The Vet confirmed that each pup had 2 elastic bands bound round their nose that had been in place for between 12 to 24 hours. Although the rescuers were happy they had released the dogs from their disgusting confinement, they had to fight back the tears.

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Happy ever after conclusion

After treatment, Debbie and Westley, the pit bull mix puppies are on the road to recovery. Although their noses need further time to heal, they are happy residing in their new foster home.

two puppies with hair ties removed are now resting
The two puppies are now resting ©Facebook Wichita.animal.Action.league

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