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  • Rose
  1. Dog peeing on sofa

    If she used to be toilet trained, then this behaviour is probably due to stress or anxiety I’d say. Has anything changed recently in your life? Problems at home? Going back1

    6 Answers
  2. Should I cook meat for my dog or give it to him raw?

    Personally, I give my dog raw meat. I tried giving her cooked meat but he didn’t like it as much (she would leave some in the bowl). So I give her raw meat mixed with rice a1

    5 Answers
  3. My dog winks at me why's that? Is this a sign of trust?

    I'm not sure, I'll keep an eye open ;)

    5 Answers
  4. My cat eats flies, is it dangerous?

    No not at all on the contrary it brings them some protein :)

    5 Answers
  5. Out of curiosity: What's your favourite dog breed?

    I have two actually... the first one, the most obvious is the Cocker Spaniel and the second one is......... the Affenpinscher, don't ask me why, I just find them amazing!

    10 Answers
  6. My dog has been jumping on the bed recently in the middle of the night, what can I do?

    Hello  Rose has been doing the same a few times, but she's pregnant and seeks attention and affection. I bought a new bed for her and since, she hasn't been bothered1

    2 Answers
  7. We want to know more about you! Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    I have a dog, she's a cocker Spaniel and her name is Rose, so does this make me a dog person? Even though I love cats too? 😄

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  8. Should I remove my dog’s collar at night?

    Personally, my pet never wears a collar at home. I only put a collar on her when I’m taking her out for a walk. When you leave a collar on the dog for too long, it’ll1

    4 Answers