1. Plane trip

    Hi Harry! Thanks for getting in touch! Plane rides can be very stressful for pets – it already is for some humans, so just imagine you’re a dog or cat and have no ide1

  2. Border Collie nips at guests

    Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch! Sounds like you’ve got quite a situation on your hands.  It’s hard to diagnose from afar, but from the few clues you&rsquo1

  3. How do I make my dog wear the boots

    Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch! Wearing boots can be a very strange sensation for dogs as they’re not used to having anything on their paws! Imagine you hadn’t worn shoes1

  4. cat drools

    Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch! Some cats drool more than others, and like for humans, it can happen when your cat is very relaxed, or when they’re anticipating food! How1

  5. Water issues

    Hi there, Sounds like your cat has a real obsession! Just know you’re not alone. A lot of cats like to play with water and this can be a real headache for their owners. The1

  6. How to know which breed

    Hi Wiggle1991, I don’t know whether you’re looking for a cat or a dog, but here are some things that you should think about: Where do you live? Providing you give1

  7. Cat claws at me while playing

    Hi Brooke! Thanks for getting in touch! Cats are naturally predatory animals, so it’s quite natural that they claw and bite when they play. Unfortunately, a lot of cats are1

  8. Jealous of boyfriend afraid of him bites and growls

    Hi Timmy7676, Thanks for getting in touch!  Let me get started by saying that you should take all my advice with a grain of salt as I haven’t met your dog or seen the1

  9. Jumping at people

    Hi Wendy, Thanks for getting in touch! Dogs are super social animals and love to interact with people, so it’s in their nature to jump up and ask for attention from humans.1

  10. RECALL

    Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with your dog. It can be quite frustrating and even dangerous to have a dog off lead that doesn’t respond to rec1