• Tex
  1. How to get my dog to accept a new puppy?

    If you choose to get a dog or a puppy, make sure they both like the same things (play in particular). As well, if your dog is getting old, he might not enjoy having an energetic p1

  2. Wamiz of the month of April

    This is my beautiful boy Tex.

  3. We want to know more about you! Are you a cat person or a dog person?

    I'm definitely a dog person

  4. Should I remove my dog’s collar at night?

    This depends on the collar. If it's a light, thin material then it probably won’t bother your dog. But if it’s a thick leather collar then it might be better to re1

  5. My dog scratches at the door, what should I do?

    Thank you for your advice and hopefully we’ll pick up on these good habits soon!

  6. Introducing a dog to my cat

    I agree with Juliet, both of your pets have to have their own places to retreat to if they need to, especially your cat since she's the one who will need to adapt the most. Ca1

  7. HELP! My dog ​​ate a dead rat, is it dangerous?

    Yes there is a risk that the rat did not die of natural death but of poisoning, which of course would also poison your doggie. I advise you to watch your dog closely and see if sh1

  8. Positive reinforcement

    Dog does what you want him to = give him a treat. It's that simple!

  9. Should I cook meat for my dog or give it to him raw?

    You should never give your dog bones because they could break them and hurt themselves in the mouth or throat. But cooked meat with no bones is absolutely fine (although beef and1

  10. Do mini Labradors exist?

    Technically “minis” or “teacups” aren’t natural and have a lot of health issues. If you want a small dog you should get a small breed.