• Bella
  1. What can you wash your cat with if you don't have a "special cat" shampoo?

    No! Whatever you decide, don't use Marseille soap (or any other soap or shampoo for humans). Marseille soap in particular, already on humans sometimes dries your skin a little1

  2. My cat spills water and plays at dipping its paws in it, how can I prevent it?

    Hello, Your cat loves water that's for sure! The only solution to this problem is to put a small bassin of water in your garden. Above all, don't tell your cat off when h1

  3. How can I get my cat to stop scratching the sofa?

    It can be difficult but for us what worked was systematically moving her to the scratchpads every time she tried to claw at the carpet or sofa. It took us a really long time, like1