1. Why do dogs' paws smell like Cheetos?

    Dogs paws are always in contact with the ground, so unusual smells will be a regular occurance. Checking their paws regularly is essential to eliminate any injuries or infections.1

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  2. Will my dog recognise my dad?

    Make sure every interaction is positive and gradual. The Dog will get used to more people visiting but make sure it is slow as this will take time. Covid has effected our animals1

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  3. Messing in the house after being outside

    How long has the cat been with you it may be nerves, health condition (seek vet advice), confusion or potential other reasons. Has the cat got a cat flap? Are you going to have it1

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  4. My dog eats poop

    I would get advice from your vet to see if it is toxic to them. You can always teach the 'leave it' cue with something easy to leave and build it up to cat poop. There are1

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  5. Dog aggressive on lead

    Dogs can find the lead restricting which in turn can make them feel frustrated on lead. If you practice on-lead greetings but keeping them short then this may reduce barking. Ther1

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  6. Is my cat in danger of heatstroke?

    Cats love the sun, so this is totally normal.  Make sure there are plenty of outlets for water for them to drink from, cats tend to rely on rain water collected in places li1

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  7. Best way to sleep train new puppy? Is a crate worth it?

    A crate can be useful, just make sure it is a positive place for them to be. Make it super comfy, put their favourite toys and treats in there and praise them for being in there.1

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  8. Why does my dog like to lick my ear?

    I was once told that dogs sniff behind people's ears to get a sense of their character and if they are good people. Not sure how true it is, but maybe it is an affection 1

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