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  • Maggie
  1. What food can't cats eat?

    Hi Daniel!                 Cats are usually quite good at detecting what is good and bad for their bodies however there is always a risk an1

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  2. Snoring cat

    Hi Wiggle1991,                         In general, snoring is considered normal in cats, unless it occu1

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  3. Cat and baby

    Hi Reece!                 I'll start by saying congratulations! what an exciting time for you and your wife! I think you are doing the1

    Maine Coon
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  4. Does my dog like to be stroked and kissed?

    Hi!        That's a great question ask as often we just assume all of our pets want lots of love and affection but as with people, they're individuals1

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  5. My dog eats poop

    Hi Jim,            A common issue I find! I would remain vigilant as some poop from other animals such as cats may contain parasites that will affec1

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  6. How to tell if a cat is sick

    Hi Harry, Firstly I would like to say that as a member of the veterinary world we would always prefer for an owner to bring their fur children into clinic or ask for a phone cons1

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  7. Wamiz of the month of April

    Gorgeous! She has my vote!

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  8. Smelly breath

    Good afternoon Gerald1984,                                           &nbs1

    Maine Coon
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  9. How can I encourage my dog to eat more?

    Hi njames!                    I have had similar issues with my dog Maggie, she is a food obsessed cocker spaniel X and knows ex1

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  10. My cat has dandruff - should I be worried?

    Hi Debbie,                Dandruff is caused when the glands in your cat's skin, which are responsible for&nb1

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