Police Recruits New Puppies, and the Internet Is Having Serious Cuteness Overload

Meet Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ and Full Moon – the most adorable police officers ever.

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The doggies are the newest additions to Taiwan’s Police K-9 units.

These sleepy puppies are about to start their training and will eventually have a serious role…

In the Anti Bomb and Drug force and Blood Detection units, fighting crime and saving the day.

Working to fight the bad guys is in their blood – both of their parents are sniffer dogs.

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“We hope that, in the future, the puppies […] can pass through training successfully.”

For now though, the one-month-old babies are still more into sleeping and eating than preserving the law.

“Sometimes, [Lucky Star] would fall asleep while eating, and then he would wake up suddenly…”

“And carry on eating like nothing happened…”

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“How could people not love something as cute as that?”

More info: Taiwan’s National Police Agency | Facebook