Police Dog Got Fired for Being Too Friendly. He Has a Much Better Job Now

Meet Gavel, the German Shepherd who was fired from a job as a police dog for… being too friendly!

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Instead of sniffing for explosives and catching thieves, the pooch was more interested in getting a belly rubs from everybody.

Luckily, he was immediately offered a better job, so he took a career leap. Gavel became the official dog of Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey, who decided to adopt the dog and give him a new purpose.

Gavel even got to sign the contract that says his duties include welcoming visitors…

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And attending official ceremonies, often dressed in fancy little outfits.

Of course, sometimes the canine forgets all about the good manners required of his position.

Still, Gavel the friendly doggie did good for himself, and he seems to be enjoying every bit of it!

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