Pit Bull Is Dyed to Look Like a Cheetah, and It Somehow Fooled the Internet

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The internet has been fooled once again.

This photo went viral at the end of March, with thousands of web users celebrating the extremely rare “Albanian Pit Bull” and its snazzy cheetah-like spots.

But one or two sensible types have questioned the authenticity of the image. Consider the evidence:

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1. This dog is in some kind of beauty salon, suggesting that his handsome spotted pelt is in fact the result of several hours’ paintwork.

2. He looks quite sad, suggesting that he has just sat through several hours’ paintwork.

3. Albanian Pit Bulls don’t exist.

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Nevertheless, the pictures have been seen, shared and liked millions of times, and many people sharing them have insisted that they are genuine pictures of the rare breed.

However, in Albania, where the pictures also went viral, local media noted that it’s a bit strange how the breed is so rare that there’s only one example of it.

At least the old saying has been proven true: an old dog can’t change its spots and cheetahs never win new tricks.