He rescued a homeless puppy, when she gets a bit older he finds out.. Oh wow!

Have you noticed?

A man noticed a homeless puppy up for adoption and decided to have a look at her. One glance at her face and he was mesmerized! What a gorgeous dog, he thought, but he couldn’t determine what breed she was…

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He took the puppy back home and named her Phoebe.

He Had Taken A Homeless 01

She was an excellent puppy with a fantastic character. But he still didn’t know what exactly her breed was…

He Had Taken A Homeless 02

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Until she got a bit older, and he realized that Phoebe was a rare and very beautiful Husky/Golden Retriever mix!

He Had Taken A Homeless 03

Her breeding becomes more obvious the older she gets, and soon she’ll probably look something like this beauty:

He Had Taken A Homeless 04

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He is another instance of a Husky/Golden Retriever mix. Much less fluffy like Phoebe, but those pretty eyes! How can you get over them?

He Had Taken A Homeless 05

Isn’t Phoebe a gorgeous puppy? What a wonderful rescue she became!