Pen pals: boy uses dog’s paw as pen, dog shares very relatable expression!

Beneleigh the Australian shepherd knows that a calm three-year-old boy should not be disturbed. Even if he is using your own dog paw as a pen on the iPad…

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We feel you, Beneleigh

The video, taken by mum Jacque Choate in Oklahoma, and published on Instagram and  The Daily Mail, has gone viral. And it’s easy to see why. Not just because the little boy Denton is extremely cute as he concentrates on his game… it’s seven year old Beneleigh who steals the show.

As Denton uses the dog’s paw to play, Beneleigh stares straight into the camera with a long-suffering expression. Then, having resigned herself to role of makeshift pen, she looks sideways at the boy. You can almost hear the dog thinking “Seriously? You’re using a dog’s paw as a pen? Ok, you are.”

A boy’s best friend

Beneleigh then decides to let the boy play his game in peace, even if it means using her paw. She stares up at the ceiling, the perfect picture of tolerance. A human couldn’t have better acted the processes that go through our heads when deciding to be magnanimous towards our family. Denton event gently pulls Beneleigh’s leg all the way across the screen.

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Meanwhile, Denton’s mum Jacque is giggling away in the background, merely making Beneleigh’s stoicism even more entertaining.

A loyal Aussie shepherd

Beneleigh’s behaviour is unsurprising. She’s an Australian shepherd, a dog breed known for their attachment and loyalty to owners. They’re also a popular breed to use on ranches for herding livestock. Like most shepherds, they love working – although replacing the function of a stylus is probably not top of their favourite “work” tasks.

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We will say one thing, however. It does show that Denton has an ingenious streak to him!

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