Pastor Starves His Dog for Two Days in the Name of Jesus

Oh, wow.. This is ridiculous!

A pastor called David Perry from Selma, Alabama, decided he was going to serve god by severely mistreating and starving his dog.

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He admitted to leaving his poor Pit Bull, called Cowboy, without any food or water for two days because, “The Bible says we have dominion over things.” So he starved his dog in the name of Jesus.

He started quoting an excerpt from Isaiah 1:3 and talked about the rebellion of Judah before giving his dog something to eat and then immediately stopped feeding the poor pup. He was then quoted saying, “Now, if a dog can obey a man, surely we should all obey God.”

The entire thing was recorded on video and was later posted on his Facebook page.

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Have a look at this video:

Instead of showing outrage, people actually praised the pastor for his crazy idea of starving his dog in the name of Jesus. I don’t know if people realize that this isn’t belief. It’s manipulation and that’s just not right. SHARE if you agree.