Owner Stuffed this Beagle with Food — But Look at Him Now

Drastically Overweight Beagle Has An Inspiring Journey To Recovery. He looks like a whole new dog!

It’s an unfortunate truth that almost everyone will struggle with weight issues at one time or another. For some, these issues can be controlled with a proper diet and exercise. For others, they can actually cause serious health risks and irreversible damage.

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This was almost the case for one severely overweight Beagle, when he was surrendered to Chicago’s One Tail At A Time rescue organization by his owner. Tipping the organization’s scales at 85 pounds, this Beagle was in serious need of a workout regimen. For reference, a healthy beagle should only weigh somewhere around 20 to 25 pounds.

“Our jaws dropped when we saw that number. He’s the most overweight dog we’ve ever seen,” One Tail At A Time co-founder, Heather Owen, said in an interview. “He literally had to be wheeled out in a wagon, he was so heavy.”

“When we posted [the dog’s] photo on Facebook, we got a lot of negative reactions,” Heather recounted. “But we have to remember this was an elderly person, and they probably needed help. We want to find ways to help people care for their animals instead of admonishing them for when things don’t work out.”

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The hefty pup was likely between seven and eight years old. He was given the name Kale Chips, because “that’s pretty much what his future look[ed] like.”

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Luckily, he was committed to losing those pounds—and when he finally did, he looked like a completely new dog!