North Korea gifts South Korea pregnant dog: 6 ‘peace puppies’ born!

Giving a dog as a present is always a big decision, but rarely is it a step towards world peace. Meet Gomi the Pungsan and her new arrivals…

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Diplomatic dogs and puppies for peace

This autumn, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un sent a very special gift to his counterpart in South Korea, Moon Jae-in: two Pungsan hunting dogs. The gift was an important gesture towards thawing the political ice that exists between the two countries.
But what no-one knew was that one of the dogs, Gomi, was pregnant at the time! She has since given birth to a healthy litter of six puppies, three boys and three girls, who have been nicknamed “peace puppies”.

Gomi, her fellow Pungsan Songgang and her brood join President Moon’s other dogs, including rescue dog, Tory. And by the look of photos, everybody is very happy with the arrangement!

This isn’t the first time the Koreans have exchanged dogs to promote peace. In 2000, the North Korean leader of the time Kim Jong-il also gave two Pungsan dogs to South Korea’s president Kim Dae-jung. And, in return, Kim Dae-jung gave Kim Jong-il two Kindo dogs.

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The Pungsan: a rare and prized dog breed

Gomi, her puppies and Songgang aren’t just any old dog breed, they are highly valued Pungsans. Pungsans are one of only 3 dog breeds native to Korea and were historically known for hunting in freezing mountainous areas. They are recognizable by their thick white coat, large size and muscular body shape with tails that curl over their backs.

The Pungsan is so rare that little is known about it outside Korea, and is not recognised by any of the major kennel clubs. Due to this rarity, it is highly valued in Korea, which is why the pregnant Gomi and Songgang were such important diplomatic gifts, and why the new arrivals truly are “peace puppies”.

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