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Man rushes into a house fire to save his dog

Californian man rushes into blazing house to rescue his dog dog-happy
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A pet owner had no hesitation in running into a burning building to save his beloved pit-bull dog, Gabanna.

By Dawn Parrish , 21 Mar 2019

Jose was socialising at a neighbour’s barbeque in Southern California, with his fiancé and three children. The last thing on his mind was that his house might be burning down! Yet this is exactly what he was confronted with when he rushed to the scene.

Terrifying house blaze

The fire began in a neighbouring property, but the flames quickly took hold and spread to Jose Guzman’s property next door. The family had only recently moved into the neighbourhood but as soon as he heard the devastating news, he jumped into his truck and drove home. When he arrived in the street, he was confronted by the shocking blaze. It appeared that the Fire Crew were waiting for more water supplies to arrive from a nearby firestation and they couldn’t do anything to enter the burning house.

Jose needed to save his dog from the house fire

The Californian man knew that his pit bull dog was still in house and he needed to rescue him somehow. Without hesitation, Jose rushed into the house fire to save his dog. He entered the blazing rooms and searched until he found Gabanna hiding from the flames and smoke in the bathroom. He scooped up the dog and ran out of the building that was now engulfed in dangerous flames.

Brave rescue is captured on video

Jose’s daring feat was caught on camera by his Landlord’s son and replayed on social media for the whole world to see. His bravery just proves to everyone how much he actually loves his dog – giving no thought at all to his own safety!


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Man saves dog from fire (Photo Credits: Nisco Guzman YouTube) We have heard of innumerable stories of dogs saving the...

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