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Unwanted dog gets her very own happily ever after

German Shepherd cross is abandoned by owners but then adopted by loving family dog-happy
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This beautiful dog was unwanted and abandoned by her first family, but the right people found her and gave her the happy ending she deserved. 

By Justine Seraphin , 23 Mar 2019

What’s a good girl like you doing out here alone?

It was just another day of work for rescuers of the Animal Rescue League of Berks County when they came across a young mixed breed female wandering the streets in Pennsylvania. The Black Mouth Cur/German Shepherd cross was taken in by the shelter, and staff immediately realised how calm, gentle, and friendly she was.

Thank goodness she’s micro-chipped…right?

To their great astonishment and happiness, staff at the shelter realised the beautiful girl was micro-chipped! All they had to do was contact her owners, and the lost dog could be reunited with her beloved family. 

Sadly, staff at the rescue, who had already fallen in love with the smiling, sweet girl, found out that this was not to be. Speaking to the dog’s family on the phone, they were told that she was not lost, only unwanted. The family already had one dog, and taking care of two seemed like it would be too much work. They therefore had made the active decision to abandon their loving pet and had no intention of taking her back. 

A new beginning

But good things happen to good dogs, and this girl’s positive energy and affectionate nature quickly won the hearts of a couple of adopters. Renamed Cici, she made herself right at home in her new family, who happily took her in with open arms. Now joined at the hip with her new brother Buddy, an 8-year-old Morkie Poo, she was even ‘dog of honour’ at her adoptive paw-rents wedding. Her life nowadays is all about sleeping by the fireplace, chasing squirrels, and playing fetch, far from all thoughts of her previous life. 

It seems as though destiny brought this beautiful family together, and it certainly is a happy-ending for Cici, who deserved so much better than her first family! 


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