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Dog tests out his owner's lipstick and gets beautiful results

Dog tests his owner's lipstick dog-wow
© @JennaGuillaume - Twitter

Even dogs love a beauty makeover – especially this one who tried on his owner’s lipstick!

By Dawn Parrish , 21 Mar 2019

Almost every woman has a lipstick in her purse, you never know when you're going to have to look your very best. However, Instagram influencer Jenna Guillaume was stunned when her rescue dog, Jasper, took a liking to her red lisptick!

Everyone loves a good makeover - dogs included

Jenna was certainly surprised to find not only Jasper, but also his doggy brother, Ollie covered in the bright lipstick. It seems that somehow the dogs managed to open her make up purse when she turned her back on them. They obviously took a liking to the lovely shade of their owner's lipstick, as it didnt take them very long before they were covered in the red dye, not only on their mouths but their paws too. Just two weeks ago Jasper was a homeless dog and look at him today, he's an internet star showcasing his owner's bright red lipstick.

All ends well - and the lipstick washes off the dogs coat

Most pet owner's know that their dog’s love to chew on anything they can get their paws on. Jasper certainly isn't going to worry that his favourite new toy is his owner’s new lipstick.  Jenna commented on Twitter " Yes he has been washed and yes he still has pink on him!"  We think he might have pink fur for several weeks to come.