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Man working as a groomer breaks dog’s tail on the job

Groomer breaks German Shepherd's tail when giving him a bath dog-angry
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A 37-year-old dog groomer was recently arrested in Brevard County, Florida, for breaking a dog’s tail when she wouldn’t settle down.

By Justine Seraphin , 20 Mar 2019

An awful incident, caught on CCTV, is giving us yet another reason to think we should never leave our dogs unattended at the groomer’s. This cruel act was described by the Brevard County Sheriff himself as “one of the worst acts of animal cruelty I’ve ever seen”. 

A mundane bath turns into a barbaric act of cruelty

This beautiful German Shepherd, named TT, is a service dog to her veteran owner, who suffers from PTSD.

Dropped off at the groomer’s for a bath, she seemed nervous with the man handling her. Wriggling around to avoid his grip, she soon exasperated the groomer who decided to immobilise her by holding her tail. This only pushed the poor girl to become even more agitated, and she slips onto her side, twisting her tail (still being held by the groomer), and breaking it in her fall. 

“When we got her back home she wouldn’t come to us, she wouldn’t do anything, so we went to the emergency hospital,” her owner told News 6.

The vet confirmed TT’s tail was broken, and the only way to move forward would be to amputate it. "It was just horrible”, says TT’s owner, who describes his dog’s experience as his latest injuries. 

Commit a crime, do your time

Luckily, everything was caught on camera, which served as proof against the cold-blooded man. Florida is known to step up to the plate when it comes to prosecuting animal abusers, and Brevard County is no exception: “If you hurt an animal in our community, you’re going to jail. And if I can, I’m gonna be the one who walks you in. There was absolutely no need for what happened”, the Sheriff told News 6.

The heartless man was fired from his job, arrested, and had to post $2,000 bail to get out of jail.

Brave girl recovers from her traumatic injuries

On the bright side, TT’s owners are confident she will make a full recovery, saying she is still able to move around like she used to.

Despite this, the episode was not an easy one for the family to overcome “Horrible thing to watch on video. She’s my best friend”, says her owner in a broken voice.

Please be warned the video contains graphic content and is not for the faint-hearted. 

We hope this man is never allowed to work with animals again, and wish all the best for TT and her family’s recovery.