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New collar can stop your cat bringing home dead birds

the birdbesafe collar is backed up by scientific research cat-wow
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A new collar can prevent your cat from bringing home those “unwanted” gifts.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 20/03/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Many cat owners have had the unpleasant task of cleaning up the remains of a dead bird. And while kitty usually sits there looking very pleased with him or herself, it’s an experience that few cat owners would want to repeat.

Thankfully, a team of researchers have found a solution. It's called the birdbesafecollar. It's a large, brightly coloured collar that fits perfectly around a cats head.

There's that kitty!

The concept is pretty simple. Such vivid colours really stand out in the wild. This lets the birds spot your cat coming from a mile away, giving them plenty of time to make their escape.

Nancy Brennan is the owner and founder of the birdbesafecolllar. She says, “The collar helps with conservation.”

It's currently being sold in over 100 stores in the USA and at least 10 other counties, including the UK.

Researchers from  St Lawrence University, New York, conducted a 24-week field study and found an 87% reduction in the number of birds caught by cats.

It even works in low light conditions, like at dusk and dawn. This is because many birds can see bright colours even in low light. They have extra rods and cones in their eyes which makes bright colours appear more prominent.

In other words, a birdbesafecollar is like putting a big sign around your cat's neck that says, “Hey, birdies. I'm here, and I'm coming to get you.”

This collar also keeps your cat safe

The collar also has a reflective trim which makes the cat more visible in car headlights.

Spayed female cats are the most likely to bring home a gory gift. It might seem gross to us, but it's perfectly natural behaviour for an adult female. In the wild, it's their job to hunt and bring “food” home for the rest of the family!