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"Britain's fattest dog" Bopper The Whopper loses weight, seeks rebranding opportunity

Bopper The Whopper has become a national celebrity while losing weight. dog-happy
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They call him Bopper The Whopper because he weighed 50kg (8st) when he checked in to Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home in Plymouth last November. But having watched his roommate Hatty The Fatty lose weight and find a forever home, 12-year-old Bopper was inspired to shed his excess bulk and get back in the adoption game.

By G. John Cole , 20 Mar 2019

Bopper, Weight-Dropper

The phrase “absolute unit” is bandied around too freely these days. But for one Torquay border collie, being rebranded as a “modest property” could mean a new lease of life.

Bopper The Pound-Dropper was rescued by the RSPCA last autumn after his owners became too ill to look after him. But he spent only a short period at the Home before moving in with the shelter’s owners – because he was too fat for his kennel.

“We've started him on the road to recovery,” shelter manager Ruth Rickard told the BBC at the time, “but he's so fat he still finds it a struggle to get up and get around.”

A charity campaign was utilized to cover his vet bills, which were expected to include treatment for common overweight dog issues such as dental problems, diabetes, and cataracts.

Four months later he’s worked off 10kg (22lb) and is back on the market for a forever home.

Love lug

“He's such a loving dog and he deserves to be the centre of someone's life,” Rickard continued in a recent BBC update.

Bopper still has another 22lbs or so to lose, and is expected to make that progress in the next quarter.

The collie would prefer a home without cats, and none but the quietest of dogs. Children are fine, but he cannot return to Torquay due to his history in the area.

This modest property remains upbeat as he turns over a new leaf in a story that’s seen him recognized by some of Britain’s best.

“I’ve met some really lovely famous faces including Eamon Holmes, Ruth Langsford, Joe Lycett and Greg James,” Bopper says on his rehoming profile, “and had lots of hugs from many, many people."

“I’m easy going; laid back and totally loveable. So what are you waiting for?”


Hattie has been giving Big Bopper the Whopper some new year diet tips. Tip #1 go for walkies ?

Posted by Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home on Thursday, January 3, 2019