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Furry trio "break-in" to neighbour's home

Naughty  pets went on an adventure dog-cat-wow
© JuanPa - Twitter

A cat and his canine accomplices masterminded a daring, and rather cute, home invasion.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 20/03/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50


John Paul Brammer is the managing director of the Trevor Project,  an organisation that supports members of the LGTBQ community.

He was enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon at home when he heard something tapping on the door.

Uninvited houseguests

The 28-year-old went to investigate,  and when he opened the door he saw two friendly looking dogs and a little ginger cat. Talking to the Huffington Post, John said, “The whole crew pulled up.”

While John was trying to figure out where this adorable trio had come from, the ginger cat snuck into the apartment.

Buoyed by the confidence of their little kitty friend, the dogs decided to join the party.

The naughty trio did a bit of exploring, showed off a few tricks, and then decided to go for a little snooze on John's bed.

And while John is a self-confessed animal lover, he did find the experience rather stressful:

"I’m a huge animal lover,  and I respect animals a lot," he said. "But dogs are stronger than people think sometimes! I always ask for permission before petting other people’s animals. So I wanted to keep a comfortable distance to be safe. But they were so friendly and warm. I wanted to do right by them, even if I’m not a pet owner and didn’t really know how.”

John decided to get some help from the neighbours, who told him that his new houseguests belonged to a couple who lived in the same block.

The adventure comes to an end

They'd gone out for the day, and, thanks to a faulty front door,  the little furry gang had decided to go on an adventure.

They’re now back where they belong, and John has his apartment back to himself. He documented the story on Twitter, and his posts received over 10,000 likes!

“My guess is that everyone feels kind of down right now, especially on Twitter where the worst news is getting laser-beamed into your eyes 24/7,” said John. “So if it made people feel a little happy for a while. I’m glad I could help them with that.”

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