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Crufts rescue dog fail brings down the house

Kratu the dog is cuddled by his owner on the green baize of Crufts dog-happy
© Kratu- Facebook

This year the audience of the Cruft’s agility displays was delighted to see the return of Kratu: a cross bred rescue dog that last year entertained visitors by un-tackling the agility course. 

By Nick Whittle , 19 Mar 2019

Kratu wowed audiences at the 2018 exhibition by avoiding most of the jumping fences, hiding in the tunnels to catch his breath and sauntering up to some of the officials dotted around the ring to beg for treats. This year, his performance was on par and equally as entertaining.

Television commentator Peter Purves was delighted by Kratu’s antics. ‘There is actually a proper route that they're supposed to take,’ Purves is heard to say,  ‘and Kratu is not taking it, is all I can say.’ 

Having fun is what it's all about 

Kratu’s owner Tessa Eagle Swan was nevertheless delighted by her dog’s performance. ‘I love his interpretation [of how the course should be run],’ Swan told The Dodo. ‘I have a different one, but being happy and having fun is the one thing we share during the course.’

When he was a puppy Kratu was saved from appaling cruelty and abuse by the UK-based rescue group Wood Green, which was just one of a handful of rescue shelters displaying their dogs at Crufts. 

Swan admits to having been through some difficut times herself. She takes ‘great comfort’ from Kratu and clearly the pair thrive on each other's company. 

He is the best assistance I could have as he always makes me laugh, too,’ she said. ‘He is a clown at home daily. How can you be down for long when you live with such a wonderful happy clown? He makes my heart smile again after the tears.’

Clare Balding hosted daily highlights of the world's biggest dog event live from the NEC; she was joined by Radzi Chinyanganya who was this year’s roving reporter. Also in the team were breed experts Jessica Holm and Frank Kane, and Channel 4’s ‘Supervet’ Dr Noel Fitzpatrick.

Crufts legend Peter Purves is a familiar voice of Crufts. Purves has commentated on major dog shows such as Crufts for 30 years. 



Posted by Kratu on Sunday, March 17, 2019


Posted by Kratu on Sunday, March 17, 2019