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Dog smiles when he realises he's found his fur-ever family

Jake the dog smiles when he goes home with his forever family dog-happy
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When Jake the Border Collie was left at the animal shelter by his owner, the dog was heartbroken to be left behind.

By Dawn Parrish , 19 Mar 2019

The 5 year old Border Collie didn’t have a clue what was happening when his master turned his back on him. His elderly owner explained to staff that he didn’t have the ability to look after the dog any longer, but this was no consolation to Jake. He had been used to roaming freely at home and now here he was, thrown into a small kennel, miles from home, with no other dogs for company.

The Border Collie is so unhappy

The dejected dog who was missing his master, withdrew into himself, and was so sad and depressed. Staff at the animal shelter were concerned, and moved him to a vet’s surgery for observation and quarantine. Sadly, this meant even more time confined to a small box. Jake was transferred again to New York, where it was hoped someone would come forward and offer him a forever home.

Luckily for the dog, a trainer at the dog rescue centre, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, observed that the Border Collie got along fine with humans and other dogs. One of his carers, Stacey Silverstein, took lots of photos of Jake, and shared these on social media pages, in the hope of letting dog lovers know about his sad plight.

Offers from his new forever family come flooding in

It wasn’t too long before many messages from people interested in fostering and adopting Jake came rolling into the shelter. Very soon, a new owner was chosen for Jake and he was off on his way to his new forever family. Staff at the rescue centre couldn’t believe how happy Jake was to meet his new owners. "To me, it looks like Jake finally knows he’s safe and on to a better life,"  Silverstein told the Dodo. The Border Collie is so full of joy, it even appears that the dog smiles with happiness.

In the latest update, Jake has now adapted to life with his new forever family, He loves his new owners and is enjoying life with his new dog sibling playmate too, with a large grassy yard to run around in.


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