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Mother cat and her kitten abandoned with nothing but a plate of crisps

Cat and kitten abandoned with a plate of salted crisps cat-angry
© Mayhew Animal Shelter

Abandoned on a doorstep with nothing but a plate of salty crisps, this mum cat and her kitten were confused, hungry and scared.

By Alice Lang

Published on the 18/03/2019, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

A lady returned from work to find a cat case on her doorstep. Taking a closer look, she discovered a petrified Mum and 5-month old kitten squashed inside with a plate of salted tortilla chips.

The cats were frightened, shaking and starving

Huddled up together closely, the cats were clearly stressed out and scared. 
Plus, considering all they'd had to eat was salty crisps, they were probably extremely dehydrated. An odd choice (and completely unsuitable) of food for a cat, to say the least!

The woman decided to call up her local animal shelter, Mayhew, for help. They immediately took the kitty duo in, naming the Mother Linda and daughter Stella.
Thankfully, after a thorough medical check, it appeared the cats were both in good health. Phew!

But they were extremely shy and nervous

Despite not having any urgent medical problems, the cats had clearly come from a stressful environment. They were skittish, scared and nervous around everyone, so the shelter started them on a comprehensive socialisation programme.

“Our Cattery team settled them both down in a warm and cosy cabin, and made sure they spent extra time each day playing and interacting with the cats.” explains Mayhew on their website.
“Stella was quick to come out of her shell, but although she was five months old, she kept trying to feed from Linda. Most kittens are usually weaned at 4-6 weeks, and only tend to suckle after this if they feel a need for comfort or extra reassurance – indicating that Stella’s early life had most likely been stressful and unstable.

Mother cat Linda needed to rest and Stella needed to gain confidece - and with a grown-up kitten constantly trying to suckle, this was proving a challenge! The shelter made the difficult decision to separate them.

Stella quickly found a forever home

"Stella was soon eating regular food and behaving completely normally, and was shortly adopted into a loving family.”

We quickly became aware that Linda needed a little extra time and a more hands-on approach to overcome her trauma, and so we have arranged for her to be looked after by a dedicated foster carer until she is ready to find a new home of her own.”

We're so happy to hear that Stella is safe and happy with a loving family. As for Linda, she's now making slow but steady progress and will soon be ready to find her forever home. If you’re interested in giving this brave Momma cat a loving home, get in touch with Mayhew - you might be her purrfect match!