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From shelter dog to internet sensation, Marnie the dog is living the LA dream!

Marnie the dog moves to LA and becomes Instagram famous dog-happy
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With such quirky looks and an angelic temperament, it comes as no surprise that Marnie, a rescue Shitzu dog, has gathered a 2m Instagram following...

By Alice Lang , 18 Mar 2019

Marnie the Shih Tzu spends her days in LA cuddling up with her owner; head tilted to one side, tongue dropping out of her mouth and expressive eyes beaming. 

And frankly, her cuteness is contagious. Everyone who passes by wants to stroke, cuddle and take photos with her - she’s certainly not short on love and affection!

Sounds like one lucky pooch, right?  Well, things haven’t always been this way for Marnie.

Marnie is a rescue pooch

Marnie’s now-owner, producer Shirley Braha, had been looking for dogs for some time when she came across a ‘different’ looking pup on Petfinder.

Talking to LA Weekly, she said: "There were a couple, but then I saw Marnie and I was like, 'Holy shit, I have to get that dog,'" 

Arriving at the shelter, she recalls her thoughts: “I was like: A.) I hope she's nice; and B.) Let's hope she lives, because she really looks kind of sick."

It turns out that Marnie had a bad case of worms, and due to her severely tilted head, the shelter vet believed Marnie was also suffering from brain cancer.

"It's like $2,000 to get a brain scan so I was like, 'OK, I guess I'll just try to make these last three months of her life happy,'" Shirley says

"Then three months passed, four months passed, and I was like, 'Hey, I think we're going to be OK, Marn.’ But it turns out, that now-signature head tilt is a remnant of vestibular syndrome, a sort of extreme case of vertigo.”

But now, she’s living her golden years in LA

The pair quickly became inseparable and have recently moved to LA together. They now spend time volunteering at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where Marnie helps to cheer up the poorly children. She manages to put a smile on their face every single time.

"It just seems like a really good use of our time. These are kids who really need it; you're really changing their day."

Between their visits, the best friends enjoy hiking, sushi-eating and have even hung out with a fair few celebrities.

"Having her has been super magical," Shirley says. "To see the world through another creature's eyes is so cool."

And to top it off, has almost 2m Instagram followers!

Shirley created an Instagram for the adorable Shih Tzu as a personal project, but never thought anything would come of it. But it turns out, Marnie has become an internet sensation.

"A year after I got her, someone tagged a picture of her, and then I had like 300 followers. I was like, 'OK, I'll post more pictures. People seem to like this, so I'll put a little more effort in.'"

"Then it took off pretty fast. If it didn't take off quickly, I don't think I would've kept posting pictures of her."

Now, the quirky pup almost has an incredible 2m followers on Instagram! It’s certainly been a change of lifestyle for the former shelter pup, but we’re so happy to see she’s now living the dream.

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