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Lucky dogs get rescued from freezing water by a brave passer-by

Man jumps into freezing water with his golden retriever to save two stranded dogs dog-happy
© Eyewitness News ABC7NY - Youtube

These dogs ventured out on their own and found themselves in a very dangerous position – luckily Timofey Yuriev didn’t hesitate to risk his own life to save them!

By Justine Seraphin , 18 Mar 2019

Curiosity killed the cat – and almost the dog 


Winters in Irvington (New York) can get cold – freezing even. That didn’t stop a couple of inquisitive dogs from breaking out of their owner’s yard and going for an explorative hike in the O’Hara Nature Center on their own. 

The temperature had been so low for the past few days that the lake in the reserve had frozen over, making it imperceptible to the poor wandering dogs, who unsuspectingly stepped onto the large white body of water. 

Happily trotting along, they had no idea that they were literally walking on thin ice. All of a sudden, the ice cracked beneath their paws, and the two dogs fell into the freezing water. 

Stuck, panicked, and slowly freezing, these dogs could have perished within minutes.

A rescuer in their midst


But they must’ve sniffed a four-leaf clover on their way to the lake, because there just so happened to be a man with cold-water rescue training walking just nearby!

Timofey Yuriev knew that the dogs could freeze to death before any help could arrive, and that he had to act fast. Without hesitation, he took off his clothes, and jumped into the sub-zero water to save these dogs’ lives. “The dogs were just stuck right there, I COULD save them…I just got lucky”, he told ABC7NY.

But it seems to us the dogs were the lucky ones! 

Man’s best friend


Yuriev was not alone in his rescue : his Golden Retriever Kira was not about to let her owner jump into the freezing lake by himself, with no-one to protect him! She jumped in and swam with her owner, as he broke the ice in front of him and made a path for the stranded dogs to swim through. Yuriev believes she knew what he was doing, and wanted to help him save the poor dogs in the lake. “Kira helped me a lot, because she would come to every dog and touch them on the nose to round them up”, he told ABC7NY.

Having grown up in Kazakhstan, Yuriev’s grandfather had taught him to swim in freezing water at the tender age of 7! These must’ve been rough lessons, but they proved themselves very useful in the end! “I felt a bit light-headed”, Yuriev admits, and we can empathise. 

Without this man’s courage and selflessness, these dogs could have died in the frozen lake. Thank you for your bravery Timofey!