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North San Diego family adopts ‘unadoptable’ kittens

Semi-feral cat Hunter stalks human Aizlyn around the property. cat-wow
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A California family looking to adopt a working barn cat ended up adopting a pair of semi-feral kittens – and now one of them stalks their young human daughter wherever she goes.

By G. John Cole

Published on the 15/03/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

The Draher Family are good, farm-keeping folk, but their wholesome American barn has been plagued with rodents. Like the old lady that swallowed the fly, the family decided they needed a bigger pest to do away with the rodents – so they studied the market for rescue barn cats.

The brood

That’s when North San Diego rescue group Love Your Feral Felines happened to receive a pair of semi-feral tuxedo kittens who they presumed to need a home. The cats would not adjust to household life, so the agency entered them into their Barn Cat Placement Program for ‘unadoptable’ cats.

The Drahers took the whole package.

"The family wanted to keep them as we assumed they were siblings,” Love Your Feral Felines told Love Meow.

After a month or so of settling in, the kittens – newly christened Hunter and Kate – began to hunt rodents in the Drahers’ barn as expected.

Weirdly, Hunter began to follow Aizlyn, the Draher girl, around the property.

“Hunter and Aizlyn are best friends,” the family claims. “She calls them to eat and he comes running and runs on her legs while she is filling their bowl. 

“Hunter loves to follow us around the yard while the kids are playing or doing yard work.”


Video footage of the strange cat stalking the young girl around the alien landscape of the Drahers’ property shows the cat looking confused and dizzied. Meanwhile, the Draher child toddles aimlessly from path to verge and back again.

“He is now the protector of his big sister. He follows her everywhere and they're best pals,” Love Your Feral Felines said.


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