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£1,000 reward for ‘stolen’ car boot Chihuahuas

Posters advertising the £1000 reward for the missing Chihuahuas have appeared across town. dog-angry
© Katy Mercer - Facebook

Leicestershire Police are hot on the tails of local Chihuahua thieves after a pair of the tiny dogs were stolen, rescued, or escaped from their owner’s car. The owner, Katy Mercer, has posted a £1,000 reward for their safe return.

By G. John Cole , 17 Mar 2019

It was just an ordinary Wednesday evening in the in the Sainsbury’s car park at Hinckley's Crescent when Katy Mercer parked her Mercedes SUV and nipped inside for a ninety-minute shopping expedition.

“I parked up and left the dogs, who had been with me at work, in the boot,” she told the Leicester Mercury. “I had tinted windows put in my car so you can’t see into the boot.”

She had no way of knowing that this act of negligence could be her last encounter with her dogs, who she describes as her “children.”

Dog-shaped space

Mercer returned to her vehicle at around 7pm and drove all the way home. It was only when she was unpacking her shopping that she realized something was horribly, horribly wrong.

“I opened the boot to let them and was faced with an empty space, she continues. “I am devastated. I can’t have children so these dogs are my children. 

“Someone has taken my kids and I really want them back.”

The matter is of some urgency since Mercer, of Sutton Cheney, near Market Bosworth, in Nuneaton, Leicestershire, claims both creatures have special medical needs.

“Doris needs her medication and constant supervision or she might die. Dinky, who is four, has bad knees and can’t walk too far. I have a special back pack to carry her about with me.”

It is not known if they were left in the car for medical reasons.

Chihuahua Detectives

Meanwhile, local police have taken the case and are investigating whether the dogs could have let themselves out, or slipped away when Mercer arrived home.

Or they could have been rescued from the boot by concerned dog-lovers.

But the chief theory at the moment is that the dogs may have been stolen.

“I chose [tinted] windows so that people could not see my dogs as I have heard about people’s pets being stolen, claims Mercer, who says the £1,000 reward is a “no questions asked” deal and that “anyone who has them can just drop them off at a vet and say they found them.”

The distraught dog-owner has also established a Facebook Page for the campaign, and distributed posters around the Hinckley's Crescent precinct.

Mercer still has six other fur babies that she has not yet lost: two bitzers, Miss Brian and Betty, who were rescued from Greece; another Chihuahua (Dave); a six-year-old Jack Russell-Chihuahua cross named Ethel; Hettie the Labrador; and an 18-week-old chocolate Labrador puppy called Bear.

Readers are reminded that you should never, ever, leave dogs unattended in cars while shopping for ninety minutes, especially if they have urgent medical needs.



Posted by Claire Smith on Thursday, March 14, 2019


Posted by Claire Smith on Thursday, March 14, 2019