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5 ways to celebrate St Patrick's day with your dog

Celebrate St Patrick's with your dog dog-happy
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This Sunday is St Patrick’s Day, so we've come up with some pet-friendly ways of celebrating the patron saint of Ireland.

By Ashley Murphy , 15 Mar 2019

1# Raise a glass (or maybe a bowl) of doggy beer

The emerald isle is well-known for many things - rolling green hills, its charming natives, and being home to some of the greatest writers and poets of the 20th century. However, its fine people are also known for their love of the black stuff (Guinness!) and drums of Irish whiskey. So raise a  glass with your pooch! Snuffle Dog Beer is made from beef and barley malt extracts. And yes, it's completely alcohol-free! It also comes in chicken flavour. Yummy!

2# Dress up!

Anybody celebrating St Patrick's day has to wear a giant Guinness! hat. It’s pretty much the law nowadays. But how about putting your pug in a leprechaun suit? Could you imagine anything cuter than that?

3# Take a trip!

Ireland is famous for its magnificent scenery. Carrickfergus, the Mountains of Mourne, and the Fields of Athenry have all been the subjects of popular Irish ballads and poems. These places are ideal for long, thoughtful walks with your dog. It might not be as much "fun" as drinking a barrel-full of the black stuff, but your head will feel a lot fresher the next morning!

4# Cook some Irish stew

Irish civilisation is known for its many great achievements,  but its national cuisine isn't one of them. Still, Irish Stew is a solid and hearty combination of meat, vegetables, and that famous Irish staple, the Potato. So cook up a big pot, add little salt and pepper, and share a bowl with your pooch. A plate of high-quality meat and good carbs can make the perfect doggy dinner.

5# Buy some St Patrick day doggy treats

Also known as the feast of St Patrick, this was a day when the church lifted the Lenten restrictions on consuming food and alcohol. Get into the spirit of the feast by treating your pet to some of One Dog Organic’s Grain Free St. Patty’s Day treats! The green-tinted doggy bites are also pretty healthy. The contain spirulina, which has been linked to a stronger immune system, better gut health, and fewer allergies.

St Patrick is the foremost saint of Ireland. St Patrick's day is celebrated on the 17th March every year and was made an official feast day in the 17th century.


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