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Best dressed dogs for St. Patrick’s Day

Best dressed dog's outfit for St Patrick's Day dog-happy
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Many of our pets will want to get in with the action on St. Patrick’s Day. But just what are the Best Dressed dogs wearing this year?

By Dawn Parrish , 17 Mar 2019

Here at Wamiz UK, we love St. Patrick’s Day, celebrating a day filled with the luck of the Irish, leprechauns and shamrocks. Even the bright green clothing is appealing as we love to get decked out in our finest fancy dress costumes and party with our friends. But how about your pooch? As we celebrate St. Paddy’s Day on 17th March, why shouldn’t our pets take part in the festivities and put on their cutest, green outfits for the day.

St. Patrick’s Day adorable costumes for your dog

Make sure that yours is one of the best dressed dogs by treating him to a stylish tutu, a leprechaun’s hat, a sparkling green bow-tie, or even a patterned bandana. There is no end to the amusing and fashionable outfits that you can buy or devise for your lucky dog. Please don’t dye your dog’s hair green. This can lead to serious health consequences, especially as it’s quite toxic to animals.

Adorning your dog in green for St Patrick’s Day

If you decide to dress up your own dog as a lucky leprechaun, or indeed in any other outfit, please ensure that he is happy to wear such an ensemble and to make sure that he is safe when doing so.

1. If your dog has previously worn a dog jumper or coat, he will probably adapt happily to wearing a fancy dress outfit. Make sure it doesn’t impede his hearing or vision.

2.  Check that any stretchy elastic or other fasteners don’t make the outfit feel too tight around your dog’s neck or chest and it won’t prevent him from walking.

3.  Remember that not all dogs appreciate costumes, so please don’t force the issue if he’s not happy.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet found your pet’s outfit for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some photos of the best dressed dogs you can use for inspiration. Remember to party responsibly, especially with your dog!



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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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