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Shocking footage shows postman douse innocent dog in pepper spray

Shocking footage shows postman douse innocent dog in pepper spray dog-angry
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A family from California were heartbroken when they saw shocking footage of the postman attacking their dog with pepper spray.

By Alice Lang , 15 Mar 2019

You expect your postman to be a trustworthy and friendly face who is warm and approachable to everyone in the local area… including the fluffy residents. 

But shocking footage has revealed that things aren’t always quite what they seem.

A postman doused an innocent dog with pepper spray

A dog-loving family from California were left disgusted after viewing footage of their postman, who they believed they could trust, dousing their adorable rescue dog with pepper spray.

The postman was obviously unaware that the family had a CCTV camera installed on their property. It was only after noticing a strange stain on the floor outside their home, that owner Alfonso Galindo decided to check out the footage - and thank goodness he did!

Footage shows the dog writhing in pain

The heart wrenching footage shows the postman approaching the San Diego home and spraying something at the poor dog’s face. Shortly after, the video shows the lovely rescue pooch desperately rubbing her eyes on the floor in horrendous pain.

According to the Daily Mail, Alfonso reviewed the CCTV recordings and found 9 events in which their sweet dog appeared to be in pain. Unsurprisingly, it always happened just before their postman left the premises.

The family are heartbroken

"Never did I suspect the mailman. Never did I suspect somebody that you trust with your mail, with your packages," Galindo explained to KNSD. "It was heartbreaking, it was really heartbreaking."

"I'm at a loss for words," he added. "It makes me sick to my stomach."

The postman hasn’t yet been charged

While the United States Postal Service have recently issued an apology to the family and their poor rescue pup, it’s not clear whether the horrible postman will be charged.

We hope he doesn't walk away unpunished; this is such a nasty and unnecessary act of cruelty. We wish Alfonso’s family and their lovely dog all the best.

Watch the CCTV footage below - but do be warned, it's very upsetting.