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This sweet pup has found a forever home after 5 long years in a shelter

Harrison dog finds forever home after 5 years dog-happy
© Three Counties Animal Rescue

Harrison, a sweet-natured dog, waited in a Lincolnshire shelter for five long years before he found his forever home. While he’s finally found his happy ending, thousands of other shelter dogs are still being overlooked.

By Alice Lang , 16 Mar 2019

Harrison, an adorable dog with behavioural problems, arrived at the Three Counties Dog Rescue in Bourne, Lincolnshire, over five years ago when his previous owner was evicted from his home.

Harrison had never been trained

According to Three Counties Dog Rescue website, Harrison is a “lovely, sweet nature, despite having some undesirable behaviour which involved lots of jumping up.”

"Harrison had little to no training before he came to Three Counties. This probably doesn’t sound too bad, but Harrison’s jumping was quite something and one of the reasons along with his breed which has stopped him from finding a home.”

Thankfully, the dedicated shelter volunteers worked hard to improve the sweet pup’s behaviour and, after some time, helped him make some progress: “Harrison knows now that four paws on the ground is a good thing and that he gets treats and praise.” 

He’s finally found his forever home

Harrison had been overlooked for five long years. During that time, he'd watched hundreds of other dog’s be adopted. But now, Harrison has finally found his special human!

His new owner, Emma King, said to the BBC: “He’s settled in from the first day he came. It’s like he’s never not been there.”

“He’s just a real character. He’s cheeky. He’s sweet. He’s loving and such a good boy! He’s a very, very welcome addition to our family.”

But Harrison isn’t an isolated case

We’re so happy to hear that Harrison has found a loving forever home. But sadly, there are thousands of other shelter dogs across the country who haven't been so lucky.

Claire Foulds from Three Counties Dog Rescue said: “Some breeds are overlooked. Some colours of dogs are overlooked. It’s just a case of finding that special spark and that special human for them.”

Next time you’re looking for a new family pet, try not to overlook dogs of certain breeds or colours. Dogs with special needs or behavioural issues may find their problems improving significantly in a settled family environment, too! Remember, each dog is an individual and your love could change everything for them.