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Brexit's 'Dog's Dinner' Campaign is catching everyone's eye

Anti-Brexit campaigners use dogs to protest against Brexit
© Dominic Dyer - Facebook

Anti-Brexiters came up with an original idea to denounce the up-coming divorce with Europe, described as a ‘dog’s dinner’. 

By Justine Seraphin , 14 Mar 2019

A dinner party like no other

Brexit is ‘barking’ mad to these anti-Brexit protesters. “The country is in such dire straits with Brexit at the moment. It’s a shambles”, Daniel Elkan, founder of the Dog’s Dinner Campaign, told The New European. “Our politicians are trying to drive us to this cliff edge and threaten us with a no-deal Brexit. It’s outrageous. We can’t let this happen”, he added

The event consisted of staging an actual dinner for campaigners’ dogs. A large table was set up near the Houses of Parliament in London, and decorated with candles, glasses, plates, bottles of wine, and most importantly, with cans of ‘Dog’s Dinner’ dog food containing ‘real Unicorn’. Giant versions of these cans could also be found surrounding the dinner table. 

So what’s the point?

These dogs made quite a few heads turn – and that’s exactly what campaigners want, in the hopes of getting more anti-Brexiters involved in their cause. “The whole campaign is dogs barking for the people”, said Melkan. “Every one of these dogs, I believe, represents thousands of people who are really upset about what’s going on”.  

And their howls were heard! Even members of parliament chimed in: “I may not be the MP for Barking but I do know that Britain is heading for a dog’s dinner of a Brexit”, said Ian Murray. “It’s time to come off the leash, block a no-deal Brexit and give the people the final say”, adds Rosie Duffield. 

A waiting game

Dogs attending seemed to enjoy all the extra attention - getting snuggles from countless humans, sniffing lots of new friends, and getting treats fed to them from every corner. But even though this event was fun for the dogs, and hopeful for the campaigners, the reality is no-one knows what’s going to happen with Brexit.

Despite man’s best friend greatest effort, all we can do now is wait and see.