Brighton police dog presented with rescue award at Crufts

Darcey receives award at crufts accompanied by police officers dog-happy © Sussex Police - Facebook

A German Shepherd police dog has been awarded the NPCC’s Police Dog Team Operational or Humanitarian Action of the Year award for the part it played in the saving of a life of a man who tried to commit suicide. 

By Nick Whittle

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The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) award was presented to PD Darcey at this year’s Crufts exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. PD Darcey was accompanied by handler PC Tom Mills.

Interviewed at the event, a spokesman for Sussex Police said, ‘PC Tom Mills and PD Darcey, his German shepherd, are the worthy winners of this year’s NPCC Police Dog Team Operational or Humanitarian Action of the Year award.’

The incident that led to Darcey’s award dates back to October 2018 when emergency services were called to a park in Brighton where a man was alledgely in the process of ending his life. 

With time running out PC Mills sent Darcey to search for the man whose location was at that point unknown. 

Against the clock

Speaking to Brighton and Hove News, Deputy Chief Constable Jo Shiner said, ‘Without delay, she [Darcey] ran straight towards a tree among the undergrowth where the man had already made an attempt to take his own life. First aid was quickly administered, with paramedics arriving on scene to assist.

Had it not been for the swift actions of PC Mills,’ DCC Shiner added, ‘and the quick location of the missing man by PD Darcey, allowing medical aid to be given very quickly, the outcome would almost certainly have been a loss of life.’

The man who tried to commit suicide made a full recovery thanks to Darcey’s quick reactions, and her skill of locating suspects even in heavy undergrowth. Her skills and those of the 2,500 police dogs deployed across UK are invaluable assets to the police. 


Our very own PC Tom Mills ?? and PD Darcey ? have been recognised for their heroics with a national award ? The...

Posted by Sussex Police on Tuesday, March 12, 2019


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