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Pregnant Dachshund ‘Daisy’ seized at border, sheds light on The Dogs Trust battle against puppy smuggling

Dogs Trust fights against puppy smugglers dog-angry
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Daisy’s turmoil ended with her rescuers at the border, but she is only one of hundreds of dogs that are smuggled into the UK to feed the puppy market.

By Justine Seraphin , 12 Mar 2019

A market in demand

The demand for cute, trendy breed puppies in the UK is so high, that backyard breeders in Eastern Europe are trying to make the most of it. 

They send their heavily pregnant females – most commonly French bulldogs, Pugs, and Dachshunds - to be smuggled into the country in time to have their litter there. By being ‘UK born’, the puppies are sold faster, and at a higher price. 

Outlaws who won’t be stopped

Transporting female dogs during the latter stages of pregnancy is illegal under the Welfare of Animals in Transport Order, but with the public’s continuous demand for puppies and the meagre punishments for those that provide them, it happens anyway.

Yet, The Dogs Trust and various other animal welfare charities have attempted to highlight the terrible ordeal dogs go through as they travel across Europe – often they endure 30-hour journeys with very little food, water, or fresh air. Sometimes, the puppies come into the world during the trip, and these new-borns have to endure the same treatment.

The Dogs Trust, who is now rehoming dachshund Daisy and her 7 puppies, are demanding more measures to be taken against these illegal breeders and smugglers. “The complete disregard for the health and welfare of dogs being illegally imported is appalling. We were shocked to see such a heavily pregnant dog transported in this way. We urgently need to see a number of changes, including visual checks on all dogs entering the UK; out of hours and weekend cover at ports by Government agencies and increased maximum penalties for those caught alongside punitive Fixed Penalty Notices”, Paula Boyden, Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, told Express.

So how can we help? 

The UK public can help stop this terrible treatment of innocent dogs and puppies by refusing to feed the market for them. A recent poll showed that more than one in ten people admit to collecting their puppy from a place that is not the puppy’s home; in a parking lot, for instance.

If you’re thinking of getting a puppy, make sure you’re getting it from a reputable breeder. Are you able to go to the breeder’s location before buying your pup? Are you able to meet your puppy’s parents? Are you going through an un-trustworthy site online? These are questions you must ask yourself. You can also contact your MP to support The Dogs Trust’s Puppy Pilot Scheme in their call for action.

Together, we can help build a better world for our furry friends!


There's been a 61% increase in illegally imported puppies since pet travel laws were relaxed in 2012. We can't let this continue. Write to your MP today & help us STOP puppy smuggling: ❌?

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No dog should start its life travelling in a cramped cage for up to 30 hours with no food or water. Help us stop puppy smuggling by emailing your MP: ??

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