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Crufts’ biggest little fan is TV-watching West Highland Terrier

Crufts-loving Westie Buzz pictured during Christmas 2017. dog-happy
© Coullie - Twitter

There’s no sports fan like an armchair sports fan – but Buzz the Westie can hardly sit down when Crufts comes on the TV. Footage of the little dog chasing tiny pixelated flyballers from one end of his widescreen set to the other went viral over the weekend as the dog show unfolded at the Birmingham NEC.

By G. John Cole , 13 Mar 2019

The Buzz feed

While human dog fans followed the contest avidly, they couldn’t help but have their attention drawn by a video showing Buzz up on his back legs, tippy-toeing from left to right and back again as on-screen canine athletes played a heated game of flyball 400 miles south of the Westie’s Aberdeen home.

Shared via a human Tweet, Buzz’s video has received nearly 800k views, 34,000 likes, and over 6,000 retweets. He may not be playing flyball, but this Westie is certainly doing numbers.

And respondents have been forthcoming with over 600 ‘replies,’ many of which claim that TV sports is an enthusiasm particular to the West Highland Terrier breed.

“My Westie was exactly the same!” wrote @MarionlMcLean. “He's no longer with us and I can watch wildlife programmes now without reaching for the remote control to mute or change channels! 

“I luv dis lickle fella,chimed in @Helen09Porter, who Tweets on behalf of herself and her Westie, Finlay.

“Westie thing,” agreed @wgdecorators.

Others have indicated a fascination with dog culture:

“It's funny how some dogs can see the tv, others cannot,wrote @lindiloo08. “Out of my three only Irene can see it.

“HE WANTS TO PLAY TOO! WHAT A GOOD BOY!!! ?enthused @TheSteveDawson.

Big win for Westies

Buzz’s family are keen that all the attention be put to good use: they’ve shared a link to the Dog’s Trust charity’s donations page where traditionally one would place a Soundcloud link.

“My mum (who owns Buzz), would like all proceeds from the video to go to Westie Rescue Scotland,” the footage owner, Matt Coull, added a day later.

“Buzz watches Crufts every year, Coull told licensing agency Caters Clips. “He goes mad at the sight of any animal on TV.” 

Despite his enthusiasm, it seems unlikely Buzz will join those flyballers on the podium any time soon. This year’s record-breaking contest was won by a team of distinctly longer-legged whippets. But if Buzz doesn’t have any medals, he at least has hope – the most precious resource in the universe (after biscuits).

“One day he'll catch those tiny dogs in the box,wrote @steven_hallmark.