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Overview of the winners of Crufts 2019

Papillon dog winner of Crufts 2019 dog-happy
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27,000 dogs made up of 220 different breeds; 3,611 dogs came from overseas and the event was attended by over 165,000 visitors. The Kennel Club’s Crufts 2019 exhibition at the NEC arena in Birmingham was once again an overwhelming success. 

By Emilie Heyl , 12 Mar 2019

For dog lovers, the stage was set for a performance like none other. Spread across seven arenas were exhibitions of dogs of all shapes and sizes from all over the world and from all walks of life, including those serving with the West Midlands Police, and dogs that are able to detect cancers and dementia in human patients. 

Sunday March 10th saw the culmination of the four day event when the winners of each Kennel Club group came together to be judged for Best in Show. 

The overall winner (Best in Show) of Crufts 2019 was Dylan, a Papillon from Belgium. Judging the Best in Show, Dan Ericsson said of Dylan: ‘I was spoilt for choice but my eyes were drawn to this beautiful dog that has everything you look for in the breed, plus personality.’

The winners from all of the categories

•    The gundog group was won by an Irish water spaniel called Luther
•    The hound group was won by a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
•    The pastoral group was won by a Samoyed called Charleen
•    The terrier group was won by a Scottish terrier called Brash Beauty
•    The toy group was won by Dylan
•    The utility group was won by Shih Tzu called Hearty Love
•    The working group was won by a boxer called Dave

Prior to the Best in Show PC Dave Wardell and retired police dog Finn were handed the Kennel Club’s Friends for Life award. German Shepherd Finn was stabbed multiple times by the criminal Finn and PC Wardell were chasing. 

Wardell believes Finn sacrificed his own life to protect his handler. Although he survived, Finn suffered brutal injuries.

However the man who attacked the dog was not charged with harming the dog because the current law considers dogs as items of Crown property rather than living beings. Finn’s law, which was initiated by PC Wardell, is designed to protect service dogs and prosecute those who hurt them, and is set to come into force if passed through the House of Lords. 



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