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Lucky kitten adopted by man who discovered her sleeping on his stomach when he woke

tiny kitten discovered by man when she was sleeping on his stomach cat-happy
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Ali Safa was napping on his balcony in the glorious sunshine. He woke up to find a tiny white kitten sleeping on his stomach. He has since adopted the cute kitten.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 12/03/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

It’s a well-known fact that cats love to relax and snooze for hours in the warm sunshine. This is probably why this tiny, white kitten felt so comfortable, curled up with a like-minded stranger.

Surprising discovery of a kitten sleeping on his stomach

Ali Safa, who lives in Canberra, Australia, had planned a lazy day at home. He expected to play some video games and to have a relaxing siesta, lying on his balcony in the gorgeous sunshine. What he didn’t expect to find, when he woke two hours later, was a dirty white kitten sleeping on his stomach! When he first woke, he was startled and thought it was actually a rat. The small kitten was purring contentedly, laying right across Ali’s stomach.

Stray kitten adopted by Ali

As Ali has never really owned a cat before, he immediately felt a rush of love for the cute kitten. He had seen many stray cats around his neighbourhood, but somehow this one appeared to have chosen him, instead of the other way around. When the kitten woke from her slumbers, she took a glance at Ali, then began to meow. It was very clear that she was hungry and even possibly had fleas too!

A quick clean up and trip to the vets for the kitten

After the cute kitten had eaten, it was time for a bath to clean her up. Quite happy to be bathed in the water, it turns out she didn’t have fleas after all, but had some gorgeous grey-coloured markings on her fur. A visit to the vet’s surgery for a check over and as it was found that the kitten didn’t have a microchip, Ali made the decision to adopt the kitten himself and named her Angel.

This lucky kitten, adopted by Ali, is now happily settled into her new home. She is enjoying all the luxuries of home life and of course, all the cuddles and petting too.

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