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How will Brexit affect pet travel in the EU?

How will Brexit affect pet travel? dog-cat-wow
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Anxious pet owners are worried about how Brexit will affect their holiday and pet travel plans after the 29th March.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 11/03/2019, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

We are hearing the word “Brexit” almost daily in the news just now. No-one knows just how it’s going to turn out – even the government itself!

Current requirements for pet travel

If you are one of the many expats or holidaymakers who travel to Europe with your pets, you will know how easy this process is at present using the Pet Passport. This currently makes crossing borders with a dog or cat an easy process. But just how will Brexit affect pet travel – no one knows for sure!

The Government is hoping to achieve a deal with the EU. However, if you are planning on travelling with your pet after March 29th 2019, it’s imperative that you make plans now. A lot of uncertainty exists at present so it’s best to make a strategy for any eventuality, because you really don’t want to spoil your holiday plans.

Latest advice for pet travel in the EU

The latest government advice issued November 2018 advises that should a No-Deal Brexit result, anyone wanting to travel to Europe with their pets may have to take extra steps. Current Pet Passports will not be valid for pet travel and you will have to take additional steps to allow your pet to travel to the EU.

Your dog will need:

No1. To be microchipped

No 2.  Vaccinated against Rabies, followed by a blood test at least 30 days after this inoculation

No 3.  This blood sample will be sent away for analysis to an EU testing facility

No 4.  The blood analysis needs to prove that your pet has a high level of rabies antibody

No 5.  You then have to wait a minimum of 3 months from the date of this blood analysis result before you can travel to the EU

No 6.  Visit the vet for a pet health certificate - no more than 10 days before you plan to travel

If you are planning pet travel in the EU very soon, especially after the Brexit decision on March 29th, it’s vital that you contact your vet now, to put a plan of action into place.

Travelling with your pet
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