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Faithful homeless man's dog remained by owner's side for 12 hours after he died

Scarper homeless man's dog remained with body for 12 hours dog-sad
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A loyal dog, belonging to a homeless man in London, kept vigil for 12 hours beside his master after he died.

By Dawn Parrish , 11 Mar 2019

Nick, a homeless man living on the streets of London, had the misfortune to pass away while sleeping rough. Police discovered his body in Elephant and Castle with his loyal dog lying by his side. It appears that the 53 year-old homeless man had walked from the Strand in London the day before, leaving his personal belongings behind.

Homeless man had no identification

Unfortunately, the Police could find no ID on Nick’s body to help them discover his name or address. However, his faithful dog, who was found right next to his owner’s body, did have a tag on his collar. The number on this tag was registered with the DOTS database, from the charity, Dogs on the Streets. When the authorities contacted one of the DOTS administrators, Michelle Clark, she was able to find out the dog’s name, Scarper, and that of his owner, within seconds.

Loyal dog remains with his owner for 12 hours after he died

Scarper, the homeless man’s dog, obviously didn’t understand what had happened to his owner, but one thing was for sure, she wasn’t going anywhere. She didn’t leave his side for up to 12 hours, maybe even longer. Nick was the only reliable thing that Scarper knew, he was her family and the dog was devoted to him. Following the sad discovery, the dog was placed into foster care and eventually was rehomed with Nick’s mother.

The Dogs on the Streets charity helps many homeless dogs

There are around 400 dogs belonging to rough sleepers currently registered on the DOTS database. Volunteers working for the charity offer help and advice, and distribute food, collars, and bedding to homeless people to help them look after and keep their dogs with them. They work not only in London, but also Bournemouth, Milton Keynes, Kent and Oxford too. Often, a displaced person, living without a roof over their head, keeps a dog for company. These pets mean the world to them, and likewise, their dogs are totally devoted to their loving masters.

Ms Clarke from the DOTS charity has set up a fundraising campaign, to help fund Nick's funeral. More than £2000 has been raised to date.


Any support is so very appreciated by us. Everyone deserves a respectful funeral. Nick was not forgotten by his family...

Posted by Dogs on the streets London on Friday, March 1, 2019