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Shropshire cat is becoming TV superstar

Village house cat becomes TV superstar cat-happy
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From photoshoots for commercials to being filmed for TV – this cat’s career is snowballing!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 10/03/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:51

A modest beginning

This beautiful ginger tabby hasn’t always lived in the limelight. Robbie lives with his two paw-rents Di and Graham Cheal along with his four siblings (pedigree Bengal cats) in a small village named Nesscliffe. 

It was a friend of ours whose cats were signed up to an agency who told me that Pet Insurance was looking for a ginger cat for an advert. He had done nothing like that before but he took to it really well,” Di told Shropshire Star. Robbie posed so elegantly for his photoshoots that he was featured not only in adverts for pet insurance, but also for cat food. 

From that moment on, Robbie’s rugged and handsome looks lead him up the ladder to stardom! Through his profile on a pet modelling website, Robbie has since then been asked to participate in filming, including for Gala Bingo’s and Blinds2go’s adverts. Recently, Robbie has even landed a role in the BBC daytime drama series Doctors. According to his loving owners, Robbie doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, “It’s just the travelling to London and Birmingham that he is not keen on,” Di specifies. We get it kitty, commutes can be a pain. 

Trying to keep his paws on the ground

When he’s not acting or posing for cameras, Robbie lives a regular feline life in his quiet little village with his family. “He is very affectionate and gentlesays Di. “He is very vocal and likes to think he is the boss [of his Bengal siblings] but if one of them were to challenge him I am sure he would run away”. 

Robbie’s owners are very proud of their little celebrity: “Not bad for a ginger,” Di jokes. The Cheals regularly post about their feline family on their Facebook account. Why not give them a follow to see how Robbie’s career turns out? We think he’ll soon be travelling to Hollywood. Keep up the hard work kitty!


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