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Stray dog joins in Alaska's Iditarod race, shows athletic 'pawtential'

Stray dog joins in Iditarod race in Alaska and impresses mushers dog-wow
© ABC News

This stray dog refused to miss out on all the Iditarod race fun. Instead of watching as they passed by, he decided to join right in and followed them for 30 miles straight!

By Alice Lang , 10 Mar 2019

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual Alaskan sled dog race held in March of every year. Usually, mushers come with a team of highly-trained sled dogs and complete 1,000 miles of terrain through mountains, rivers, forests and coast. It's beautiful, but it definitely takes some impressive stamina!

A stray dog wanted to join in the fun

Never mind years of intensive training, socialisation and practise - according to ABC, a cute stray dog wanted to join in the Iditarod fun, too! 

As the teams started to pass by late on Sunday 3rd March, the determined pooch decided to run right alongside teammates Pete Kaiser and Ryan Redington. And, guess what? He didn’t just stay for a few minutes of fun time - he ran alongside them for a whopping 30 miles!

He’s got athletic ‘pawtential’

Ryan and Peter were surprised at the sweet stray. They never expected a stray dog to have the stamina or interest to stay for a whole leg of the race.

Speaking on video with ABC, the teammates explained: 

"There were two of them after we left Finger Lake, they jumped out on the trail to follow Pete and then I came up on them and they got spooked and they followed him down the trail and kept going and made it here. Yea, that is the first time I have seen that. I have seen dogs at the villages, but they are always contained."

And he got a VIP lift home

It was certainly an exciting day for the athletic stray, who, after a rest on a warm bed of straw, was put on a plane back to his hometown. We bet the adorable stray wasn't expecting such a spontaneous, but fun, day! Hopefully, he's being well looked after now.