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Recent study shows raw meat dog diet can cause human health issues

Large grey dog eats from a lump of raw meat dog-wow

It is in vogue these days to feed a dog raw meat. But the conclusion of a recent study carried out by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences includes a stark warning about the dangers to human health of doing so. 

By Nick Whittle , 7 Mar 2019

To feed your dog raw meat was recently billed by some ‘experts’ as a great way to boost a dog’s health and keep its coat glossy. 

But the claim did not take into account some of the negatives of such a diet, including the potential to cause harm to the dog’s owner. 

Troubling discoveries

According to a report by the BBC, researchers studied ‘60 raw samples from 10 manufacturers from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and England. All 60 samples contained Enterobacteriaceae species, which are indicators of faecal contamination.

Salmonella bacteria, banned under the EU regulations, were found in four samples and Campylobacter was found in three. Both are capable of passing from animals to people and causing infections.

Furthermore, half of the samples studied were seen to have Enterobacteriaceae contamination in excess of what is permitted by the EU, and a third of the study group was seen to contain dangerous amounts of the bacterium E-coli. 

Unseen danger 

The study concluded that in the case of owners who are happy for a dog to lick their hands and face after eating raw meat the chance of contamination was high. 

Experts warn that a raw meat diet can also be detrimental to a dog’s health. Dogs are no longer wolves - they are too domesticated to be able to accrue the benefits of a lupine diet - and the bacteria present in raw meats (Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter) could severely harm them. 

A dog can get all of its nutrition from a good quality dog food, which these days is manufactured by specialist dog food companies and appropriately formulated to the age, gender and activeness of the dog. 

There should be no need to feed your dog (or cat) anything else. 


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