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Married senior chihuahua couple are in desperate need of a forever home

Married chihuahua couple need a forever home dog-happy
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Stuck in an animal shelter, true love is the only thing keeping this elderly chihuahua couple’s spirits up. Now married, they’re desperately in need of a loving home where they can spend their golden years together.

By Alice Lang , 9 Mar 2019

Zachary and Pee Wee (the cutest names ever, right?!), two elderly chihuahuas, are head over heels in love with each other. When their long-time owner passed away, they ended up in the Adoption First Animal Rescue in North Carolina.

The pair are the ‘pawfect’ match

Shelter staff immediately noticed how much the pair adored each other - they’re constantly stuck side by side. After 8 years of living together, they clearly have a super special bond.

“They cuddle all of the time,” Nicole Johnson from Adoption First Animal Rescue told The Dodo. “They want to be curled up with each other, and look to each other to feel safe. When separated, Pee Wee gets very depressed.”

“Zachary is the more friendly and loving one. He loves to be held and cuddled. And Pee Wee takes her time to trust new people. She likes her space and only wants to be cuddled after she trusts you!”

So the staff decided they should get married

Centre staff could see just how much the lovely pair mean to each other, so they thought it was high time they sealed the deal and got married.

Pee Wee had her very own wedding dress, while Zachary got all dressed up in a doggy tux. It was adorable!

“We thought with as close as they are to each other, they deserved their fairy-tale wedding after all these years,” Nicola said. “They were both very proud and had the sweetest smiles!” 

Now, there’s just one thing missing

Pee Wee and Zachary are in desperate need of a loving forever home to spend their golden years. There’s just one catch - it has to be together!

According to The Dodo, the pair would prefer a quiet home with no young children, but they’re not picky. The most important thing is that they’ll be loved by someone - and each other, of course!

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in adopting this wonderful, loved-up canine couple, get in touch with Adoption First Animal Rescue.