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"Do you know this dog?" Home-made sign reunites missing dog with owner

a home-made sign brought a dog and owner back together dog-happy
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A grateful owner was reunited with his missing dog after a stranger came up with an unusual way of reuniting the pair.

By Ashley Murphy , 7 Mar 2019

Jason Gasparik found the chocolate Labrador wandering around the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Keen to reunite the pooch with its owner, Jason checked the dog for a microchip and plastered social media accounts with notices about the missing dog.

Do you know this dog?

But Jason also went a bit "old-school" by creating a sign that read "Do You Know this Dog?" For two days running, he returned to the same corner near where he'd found the dog.

Thankfully his persistence paid off.

A local dog owner had spotted Jason and his sign. And when a man showed her a picture of his missing dog, she knew it was the same pooch she’d seen on the same corner two days running.

That man was Ed, and he'd been searching for Roxy ever since she'd gone missing.

After contacting Jason, Ed was finally reunited with his beloved pet. And Roxy was pretty pleased to see him too. Jason said that Roxy was “very excited” to see her favourite human again.

The importance of microchipping

Jason has also agreed to help get Roxy microchipped. Speaking to the People, Jason said, "If you are unsure if your pet’s chip is registered or you are unsure of what the registration info contains, please ask your vet to scan the chip. The vet can then do the search, or you can use the chip ID number to do your own search. Please register your pets’ chips. They really do help reconnect pets with their families.”

The UK law states that all dogs must be microchipped and registered by the age of eight weeks. Failure to do so can result in a £500 fine. Contact your local vet for more advice. If you're struggling to meet the costs, then some dog trusts will do it for free.

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