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Grieving dog found next to its deceased owner

This sad dog didn't want to leave its owner dog-sad
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A heartbroken Labrador called Sam was found lying next to its dead owner.

By Ashley Murphy , 6 Mar 2019

The Labrador is thought to be around 20 years old and had been with the same owner since its puppy days.

Sam was discovered by the local sheriff department in Oklahoma, USA, after neighbours raised concerns about a local resident they hadn't seen for a few days. After struggling to remove the animal, Sheriffs contacted Maeghan Olsen, the founder and director of 1 Day Ranch rescue centre.

Sam just needed to say goodbye

Olsen arrived at the house and found the dog in a very distressed state. Sam was panting heavily, shaking, and clearly showing signs of stress. But rather than forcing Sam to abandon her deceased owner, Olsen sat with the grieving animal. She fed it treats, gave her strokes, and told her that everything was going to be ok.

She was then able to put a leash on Sam and lead her out of the house.

Olsen found out from a neighbour that Sams owner had been seriously ill. He had checked himself out of the hospital against the doctor's advice because he was worried about leaving Sam on her own.

Sam is now staying at the 1 Day Ranch where Olsen is directly overseeing the pooches recovery.

This will include a full checkup by the vet which will allow the rescue centre to determine what kind of new home will best suit Sam.

Sam will get the love she deserves

Unfortunately, because of her advanced years, Sam is unlikely to be adopted by any would-be dog owners. If that's the case, Sam will be placed in a foster hospice home, where she'll receive all the love and affection she deserves.


Sam is resting up after her interview with KOKH Fox 25 this afternoon. Please tune in at 9:00 PM for her television debut!

Posted by 1 Day Ranch on Sunday, March 3, 2019

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