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Group photos of dogs a big social media hit

A group of dogs after a dog pack walk in the snow dog-happy
© saratogadogwalkers - Instagram

Saratoga Dog Walkers has been making a name for itself since 2011. The company is one of a handful in New York State offering cage-free boarding and a dog walking service, which prove uber-popular with dog owners who are either too busy or too infirm to walk their dogs.    

By Nick Whittle , 5 Mar 2019

The best gift you can give your best friend!’ the company website says about its dog walking service. ‘The pack program is designed to help meet the needs of Saratoga's dogs when they need it most- while their owners are working!

It is this ‘pack program’ that has caught the eye of editors of My Modern Met, a stateside website which celebrates and promotes positivity by publishing ‘feel-good’ stories from around the world.  

The magazine recently published a series of photos from one of the many outings of Saratoga Dog Walkers’ Tim Pink and colleagues. 

Take a look at the foot of our article for some of Tim’s group photos! 

Dogs prefer to roam in packs

The program works with the dogs’ natural instincts to travel in a pack,’ Pink told My Modern Met, ‘but sadly, this primal ritual of dogs is something that most of our dogs never have the opportunity to do.’

The benefits accrued from a long and vigorous walk are as plentiful for a dog as they are for a human. Dogs enjoy the outdoors (it is their 'alma mater' after all) and they enjoy interacting with their surroundings over the course of a walk. The exercise, the meetings with other dogs, the scents, the chases and the playtime fulfil a dog’s mental and physical hunger. 

And, of course, for a human, walks are a way to get fit and to stay healthy. 

According to Guinness World Records, ‘the largest dog walk involved 22,742 dogs who took part in the Great North Dog Walk organised by Anthony Carlisle (UK), which was held on the Leas, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, UK, on 12 June 2011. 182 different breeds took part.


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